Berlin's new district

Six residences.
Five architects.
A unique way of life.

Quartier Heidestrasse – the new heart of Europacity

Spring Core Colonnades Straight Crown South Crown North Track
Six and the city


132 rental apartments - Balconies or loggias - Green, quiet inner courtyard - Studios and exhibition space - Retail and eateries in the building

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131 rental apartments - Generous loggias - Green, quiet inner courtyard - Studios and retail in the building

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132 rental apartments - One buildings overlooking the green Nordhafenplatz by the canal - Green, quiet inner courtyard - Some with water views - Retail and eateries in the building

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132 rental apartments - One buildings overlooking the green Nordhafenplatz by the canal - Green, quiet inner courtyard - Some with water views - Retail and eateries in the building

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258 rental apartments - Childcare facility with 120 spaces - Hotel with 180 rooms - Green inner courtyard - Retail and eateries in the building

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133,597 m² office space (GFA) - Up to 8,500 workplaces - SAP’s new Berlin headquarters - Skybar on floors 13/14

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All the Spirit of the City in One Neighbourhood

A proper neighbourhood with a real community feel, and a unique way of life. Welcome to Quartier Heidestrasse.

What would Berlin be without its special neighbourhoods? They are the little oases that provide everything that make this city great. Where life happens, and people get together. Where we don’t just reside, but get to enjoy our lives as human beings. That’s what Quartier Heidestrasse will be, too: a neighbourhood full of activity, culture, and lust for life. With people who love their lives here. Neighbours who feel at home and have made this welcoming place for everyone.

A cappuccino at the artisan cake shop with a view over the Nordhafen canal, an exhibition with young talent in the local gallery, an evening meal made from local produce in a stylish restaurant on the square – followed by an elegant cocktail in the Skybar with a view across Berlin... Welcome to Quartier Heidestrasse. Small shops, art spaces, urban manufacturing, coffee bars, restaurants and lounges – here you’ll find all the flavours of that pulsating and inspirational atmosphere for which Berlin is known.

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Building for the Future: What Makes the Materials Used So Special

Every city and every neighbourhood has its own unique character. This character is largely defined by the materials used to create it: Just think of Hamburg’s industrial red brick, Bamberg’s famous medieval halftimbered houses, Vienna’s opulent stucco reliefs, or the earthen facades found all over Tuscany. In Quartier Heidestrasse, it’s the tangible quality and clear lines that define its character. Even the materials are a special mix: visually impressive, pleasing to the touch, and timelessly modern. This magical triad creates something both distinctive and multifaceted.

Exposed concrete and bricks, glass, and steel, combined with structure and rhythm – these are the elements that define Quartier Heidestrasse. They are combined time and again – just like brick and stucco in the beloved Wilhelminian quarters. The result has a sense of harmony speckled with diversity. Never boring, but always my neighbourhood.

You can find detailed information about the furnishings of individual apartments on the pages of the respective buildings.

Living in a material world
Living in a Material World

Facts and Figures That Speak for Themselves

Cubic Metres of Earth

have been moved – equivalent to 170 50-metre swimming pools

living and working intelligently combined

in a very central city location

Smart Living

Clever concepts, new building technology, and visionary projects

Square Metres GFA

have been developed – as large as 53 football pitches

Cubic Metres of Concrete

to be poured – 19 times the quantity in Berlin’s famous Fernsehturm

Facade Greening

and green rooftops ensure a better climate footprint


thanks to the energy-efficient buildings made from recyclable materials

Tonnes of Steel

to be used – that’s as heavy as 90 A380 planes

Kilometres of Cable

to be laid – 122 times the length of Berlin’s circle line

Made using steel, concrete, passion and dedication

Digital Solutions with Real-World Benefits

Smart like you

The digitalisation of the world we live in is making great advances in the most personal and important area of all: the home. Smart living is the future – especially here on Heidestrasse. Because everything will be connected – you will be able to control all important building technology, such as heating, lighting, and blinds, via an app, even remotely. As soon as you drive into the public underground parking, your car is identified based on its licence plate. Fees can be conveniently paid without cash using the parking machines in the underground car park. And these are just a few benefits of the smart living solution integrated into the building and neighbourhood technology found in Quartier Heidestrasse.

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