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The digitalisation of the world we live in is making great advances in the most personal and important area of all: the home. Smart living is the future – especially here on Heidestrasse. Because everything will be connected – you will be able to control all important building technology, such as heating, lighting, and blinds, via an app, even remotely. Communicate with the facility manager or caretaker via chat, register any concerns about your apartment via your tablet, and find out your current heating and water consumption whenever you want, online or via email. As soon as you drive into the underground parking, your car is identified as belonging to a resident based on its licence plate, and the smart parking assistance system will light up to guide your way to a free parking space. And these are just a few benefits of the smart living solution integrated into the building and neighbourhood technology found in Quartier Heidestrasse.

But the high level of digitalisation in Quartier Heidestrasse is not limited to smart home solutions and fast internet – in the form of free outdoor Wi-Fi and 5G-readiness. The vision is that these connections on a digital level will at some point extend across almost every aspect of life in the neighbourhood. Business lunch in a restaurant in the square? Use the app to book a table for three in seconds. Netflix and pizza tonight? Choose your pizza via the app and it will be on its way. Working from home today, but the messy apartment is killing your productivity? Book six hours in a co-working space online right away – and you can even choose your preferred lighting and temperature. Time to try something different? Use the app to chat with your neighbours and plan new events – and off you go! Together with residents who embrace this vision as we do, we can develop precisely the solutions and services that make the digital future one that we’ll enjoy living in.

This digital future begins right here – but we don’t have to wait until tomorrow. It’s already happening in Quartier Heidestrasse. Contacting building management services, adjusting settings in your apartment, or making quick and easy payments – digital solutions that can be accessed via smartphone or tablet are a part of everyday life. Why? Quartier Heidestrasse is taking a conscious decision to go all in with everything digital – so that you have even more time to enjoy real life.

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